Dear UBC Alumni,

It is with tremendous excitement and joy that we announce the NEW Chabad at UBC Alumni Chai Club.

For all those who had the privileged to attend meaningful Shabbat & Jewish Holiday celebrations, enjoy one of Rabbi Chalom & Esti's delicious Friday night dinners, studying Torah (Sinai Scholars, Your Israel ect...) and everything else in between, it is safe to tell you that many lives were deeply touched. Those experiences have become a part of who they are.  The friendships that were made and the knowledge that there was a Jewish "home away from home" for all those who came through Chabad's doors are memories that is sure to be remembered. 

Due to that, we want to ensure that others will have the same experiences.

Have you ever wondered how Chabad is funded.  While Chabad Houses are similar all over the world, each is independent and responsible for raising their own funds.  So, in addition to the phenomenal various programs that Rabbi Chalom and Esti arrange, they also are responsible to raise the $150,000 annual budget necessary to run Chabad at UBC.  

Each and every one of you who have passed through our doors and become proud UBC alumni have the power and means to make a meaningful impact on the success of Chabad at UBC.  

Chai Means life and also has the numerical value of 18. Joining the Chai Club means commiting yourself to a recurring donation in and multiple of $18.

You can even start at of only $18 every month. $18 is less than 2 movies a month, or three coffees in at your local coffee place! Imagine – if we reach 100 alumni who give $18.00 a month, $21,600 could be raised.

As you work your way up in the business or professional world, your financial support is important and critical to ensure the future success of Chabad at UBC. Chabad touched your life; now help them make a difference in other Jewish students' lives as well.

Chabad at UBC Alumni Chai Club provides an opportunity for us to stay in touch, share news through a bi-annual newsletter, and participate in reunions.  We look forward to your participation in our Chabad alumni events. 

May you find success and happiness wherever the road takes you, but remember that you have a Jewish home away from home at Chabad at UBC.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you so much for your friendship, partnership & support!


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